My Teaching Philosophy
Dance is an ever-present challenge and a mountain to keep on climbing. The beauty of these heights enlivens me, and my way of sharing this vitality with others is by teaching dance. As a dance teacher, I aim to inspire students to climb their own mountains and to eventually create their own dances. Yet, my ultimate goal as a dance teacher is to show unconditional support to my students in the process by which they discover, and rediscover, their own individual artistic voices. 

Being an active choreographer and performance artist currently immersed in the field greatly informs my teaching.  My belief is that artists are lifelong learners, and I have always been deeply committed to the act of learning. I learn from my peers, my students, and other artists who have been great mentors to me.  As both an artist and a dance teacher, I am in constant, continual practice of new teaching and choreographic methodologies, solidifying my technique, broadening my movement vocabulary, and most importantly, discovering my most genuine artistic voice.
Class Combos
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